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ROAR! global summit, a gathering for women leaders

hosted by chairidee smith, ms. mogul

august 11-12, 2022

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Money girl Meetups

Launch event

Hosted by she can work & co-sponsored by the h3w investment club

Saturday, August 20, 2022

4:00pm CST

Mimosa Marketplace

sunday, August 21, 2022

4:00pm CST

master your money

H3W Investment Club

It's time to join the club, boss lady.
Financial wellness is a goal for so many women.
But for some reason, we still lag significantly behind men on key indicators of financial strength.
We're paid less.
We have less wealth.
We own fewer assets.
Our businesses generate less revenue and make less profit.
Many women aren't even comfortable talking about money.

We're trying to change that.
Join a group of women focused on mastering their money through financial literacy, accountability, hands-on experience with self-directed investing, education, networking, and community.

Just $49.99 a month, plus a $25 one-time setup fee.


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Learn how to get started with investing in individual stocks, how to grow your money, and how to secure your family's future by starting to build generational wealth through shared knowledge.

Hands-On Experience

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Get started with learning the stock market and investing in individual stocks by investing as little or as much of your own money in your own self-directed stock portfolio and monitoring its performance through a user-friendly app.


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Engage with a community of women who are motivated to master their money, secure the bag, and build generational wealth - through accountability and sharing knowledge, information, and experience in a private community.

Now is the time to make money moves.

We face a time of unprecedented change.

The economy is challenged by a global pandemic. The public is paying attention to issues of race and gender in new ways. Access to information and opportunity is flourishing...for those who seize the moment. It's time to master your money. Let's do it together!

Only $49.99 per month plus a $25 one-time setup fee.

Invest in you today.

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